Thursday, November 17, 2011


EUGENE bought a dozen of sheep hoping to breed them for wool. After a few weeks he noticed that none of them were pregnant, so he called a vet.
The vet told him to try artficial insemination and that when the sheep were preggo , they would lie down in the grass.
Eugene hadn´t heard of artificial inseminatio before, and assumed it meant he had to impregnate the sheep himself, so the next day he loaded them into his truck, took them out into the bush and fucked them all.
The following day he looked out the window at the sheep, but none of them were lying down, so he loaded them back into the truck. He took them out to the bush again and rooted each sheep twice for good measure, then took them back home.
The next day sheep still weren´t lying down, so he loaded them back into the truck and took them out to the bush again. He spent the whole day shagging the sheep inj different positions until he felt like his knob was going to fall off.
The next mornin Eygene was so tired from all thyhe rooting that he couldn´t even get out of bed, so he asked his missus to peek out the window and seeif the sheep were lying down.
``No``said his wife, ``they´re sitting in the truck. And one of them keeps honking the horn.``

Teine lugu veel.(tõestisündinud)

Darwinis on 8kond sarnast suurt koli8misdepood nagu meie oma, enamus neid asuvad tööstusrajoonis 2 suure Darwinisse viiva magistraali, Stuart Hwy ja Tiger Brenan Drive vahelisel alal. Niisiis tulevad 2 eesti tüdrukut eelmisel nädalal meie konkurendi meile lähedalasuvasse depoosse tööd küsima.
Olles officeisse sisse asutunud, ``Kas teil siin tööd ka leidub?`` on küsimus suunatud laua taga istuvale managerile.``Aaammm....woooh..aaam...can you start on monday?!?`` Väidetavalt oli manager kangestunud, tavapärased kõsimused tööotsijale nagu ``Kas te oma nime oskate kirjutada?``, ``Kas te pakkida oskate?`` ununesid hetkega, kuna eesti tüdrukud ``Were just too damn hot!``

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