Monday, September 3, 2012

Back wheel Japan

Algastuseks üks tüüpiline ``I had a mechanical`` lugu(copy paste kirjast sõbrale)....

Ah, this back wheel story in Japan was so fucked up for me, I got all back that I won in China when I didnot repair a tire from Tibet border to until almost Beijing. Basically, everything started when I took the same highway bridge off the island that you did. U must remember, there were those long metallic bridge expansion gaps. And of course my wheel fit exactly in it. I thought U must have got away from there clean because your tire is wider. So after going through the first hole my back wheel was fucked. But I still could ride. Now somewhere before Nagano I had a flat, a misterious one, it was on the inner side of the tube, no puncture. Looked like an overpressure hole. Ok, then the shit started. I couldnt repair the hole becuse it was too hot for my shitty thailand glue. I ride back to some small town before nagano to get a tube, tire was almost flat when I rode. So I got a roadhit to the rim, which started expanding exactly like my front wheel in china, u remember. So I thought I was clever in Nagno, bought a new very decent 18mm rim and tried to change the spokes myself. I got the wheel straight but left too little tention to the spokes, so after 100km I had a rim deformation like u had in one of the balkan countries, when u came out of tunnel. This kind of deformation caused the tube to rub against the inner prtection ribbon(the one u put to protect the tube from the rim), it took me a while to relise why I was having flats after every 10 km. I ride painfully with this wheel until tokyo, just to discover that Iwas overweight for the plane. I had bought 25kg of luggage allowance, and didnt think that the bike box weighs too, a fuken 5 kg! So I had to discard the back wheel, which was fucked anywhay. Eh, lucky for me. Nice back wheel story, will remember this for sure for long time.

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